08 Jan 211 People Rally for Tiny Trees – $48,600 Raised

In November 211 people joined Teddy, myself and 9 board members at the Museum of Flight to help make Tiny Trees Preschool, and the dream of affordable, nature rich preschool a reality. Together we raised $48,600 to help us build the organization and the team needed to make it happen. Specifically the luncheon is funding our new education director, Erin Soper, who will be working with myself to implement the Tiny Trees vision. Great ideas take good people and due to the grassroots support of the Tiny Trees community we can now afford to build the team this idea deserves.

Please join me in giving thanks to the following people for their support at our 2015 luncheon:

Our MC Teddy Wright

Thanks You to Teddy McGlynn-Wright For Being Our Master of Ceremonies

Table Champion Andrew Jay
Angus Mairs
Fraser Black
Jesus Aguirre
Mary Delorme
Mark Schleck
Mark Mendel
Laura Hirschfield
Garrett Kephart
Roz Williams
Michael Charles

Table Champion Susan Carlson
Janet Livingstone
Joan Horn
Laurel Howard
Alison Capon
Amy Brockhaus
April Yu Sturgell
Katie Messerly
Kyle Capizzi
Nicole Capizzi
Susan Carlson

Table Champion AJ Rei-Perrine
AJ Rei-Perrine
Mike McGinn
Beth Droppert
Brooke Williams
Dune Ives
Erik Froyd
Tracy Smith
Moya Vazquez
Sarah Stuteville
Stefanie Frease

Former Mayor Mike McGinn

Former Mayor Mike McGinn

Table Champion Alex Suk and Marcus Dover
Alex Suk
Elisa Yuen
Erica Suk
Jane Meier
John Vendelin
Laura Worthen
Marcus Dover
Peter Suk
Seamus Dolan
Greg Harmon

Table Champion David Wrigth Tremaine
Daniel Waggoner
David Daggett
Evan Shapiro
Jay Hull
Jennifer Chermoshnyuk
Lisa Koperski
Michael Callier
Sunny Knight

Table Champion Brianna Jackson
Brianna Jackson
Claire Wilson
Diane Kroll
Fleur Larsen
Laura Grow
Liddy Wendell
Soleil Boyd
Stephanie Orrico
Susie Fox
Hayes Swinney

Dr. Pooja Tandon with Table Champion Sally Webb

Dr. Pooja Tandon (Center) with Table Champion Sally Webb (Right). You can see Dr. Tandon’s presentation on the importance of active outdoor play for children here.

Table Champion Francesca Holme
Alex Okerman
Annie McGlynn Wright
April McCoy
Bob Crittenden
Francesca Holme
Julie Cella
Kelly Ebels
Maggie Olsen
Melanie Hodgman
Teddy Wright

Table Champion Terry Holme and Jeanne Iannuci
Adrienne Hidy
Brooke Nordquist
Carol Wood
Jeanne Iannucci
Judy McBroom
Sean Nordquist
Suzanna Mak
Terry Holme
Thatcher Bailey
Tricia Trainer

Table Champion George Jay
emily wilkins
juliana hofmann
Sue Shellenberger
Emma Jay Byfield
George Jay
Hannah Jay
Nelson Jay
Sandra Mowry

Executive Directors Show Their Support

A big thanks to all of the non-profit and education partners who joined us. Brianna Jackson (right) championed a table of executive directors.

Table Champion Greg Scully
Carly Bonora
Elizabeth Darlington
Greg Scully
Julie Marl
Ken Graff
Leah Krieger
Mearl Bergeson
nicole mccormick
Paul Tupper
Sue Yoo

Table Champion Jennifer Butler
Christie Baumel
David Van Galen
Heidi Deaver
Jeff Middelton
Jennifer Butler
Jessica Owens
Katie Kennedy
Marya Murphy
Shannon Payton
Tamara Burdic

Table Champion Kas Kinkead
Lisa Johnson
Kas Kinkead
Lisa Corry
Jennifer Mundee
Kristian Kicinski
Sally Knodell
Evan Bourquard
Amy Vanderhorst
Filiz Satir
Susan Yang

211 People Rally

With a groundswell of support we had over 211 people join us. A Big thanks to the Museum of Flight and McCormick’s and Schmidt who accommodated the big crowd (the original plan was for 150).

Table Champion Katie Bunten
Anne Heavey
Attia Crews
Jeremy Crews
Katie Bunten
Kiera Granston
Lee Anne Hughes
Maria Llobet
Micah Wait
Rebecca Wait
Sarah Cody Roth

Table Champion Kids Outside Alliance
Cynthia Levine
Eric Clem
John Daly
David Harms
Lizze Rutledge
Maggie Skinner
Peggy Frasse
Priscilla Armstrong
Terri Butler
Terry Downes

Table Champion Krystal Meiners
Liz Blackman
Jenn Robinson-Jahns
Krystal Meiners
Laura Ryser
Sarah James
Will James
Sid Sidorowicz
Nancy Dombrowski

Smiling conversation

We ended early to give folks time to meet their neighbor.

Table Champion Marc Zawislak
Justine Berk
Karin Moughamer
Daniel Dettling
Diane Dettling
manjeena pannu
Marc Zawislak
Michelle Gasperine
Miriam Haile
Nina Sky
Nitasha Kumar

Table Champion Matt Holman
Andrea Holman
Camron Momyer
Elizabeth Tripp
Geoff Tripp
Lisa TenEyck
Tracy Smith
Matt Holman
Nick Momyer
Rhonda Dafforn
Vanessa Laughlin

Table Champion Plauche and Carr
Benjamin Petty
Casi Herrera
Gus Winkes
Jessica Anderson
Leah Fairbank
Kristina Rudd
Jessica Zbogar-Smith
Maurice Chang

Trisha Kozu

Our success was due to the hard work of our table champions and board members like Trisha Kozu (left).

Table Champion Price Waterhouse Cooper
Alison Furtwangler
Emilly Brantley
Farid Askerov
Joe Moffat
Lisa Brennan
Oana Deacu
Pratima Malviya
Ryan Calkins
Sadie Klein
Sara Leigh Medley

Table Champion Sally Kentch
Anita Penuelas
Craig McKibben
Elizabeth Lunney
Kathryn Crawford
Mark Boyd
Mike Haparin
Nancy Lomneth
Sally Kentch
Sally Luttrell
Sarah Merner

Table Champion Sally Webb
Becky Williams
Carl Coryell-Martin
Caroline Burney
Jamie O’Meara
Mary Johnston
Neelima Shah
Pat Shanahan
Pooja Tandon
Sally Webb
Sarah Starkweather


A big thanks to my wife Francesca (center) and her parents Terry Holme (right) and Jeanne Iannuci for filling two tables and helping with the details and stress of a non-profit fundraiser.

Table Champion Trisha Kozu
Joshua Shrode
Alyssa Olsen
Audrey Kozu
Chelsea Stonex
Chris Bifone
Dawn Kozu
Kevin Volk
Pat Kozu
Phong Duong
Trisha Kozu

Handout flyer program for luncheon 11.5.15

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