Please Welcome Racine Lemons – Lead Teacher At John C Little Outdoor Preschool

What makes for a great preschool teacher? It’s a tough job – you need to be a well-spoken professional who can communicate with and integrate family members into a child’s education, you need to have the humility and energy to get down to a child’s level to play and ask questions, and you need to have the skills and instincts to successfully turn conflict between children into lessons on empathy, emotional intelligence, and social skills. All with a love for nature and the outdoors.

Here are a few indicators that Racine is a great teacher:

  1. In her interview she answered each question with the individual needs of her students and children top of mind.
  2. She gave specific examples about how she would teach a lesson or concept that demonstrated a wealth of varied experience.
  3. She shared her favorite tools for turning conflicts between students into opportunities for learning that were based on evidence-based practice and demonstrated creativity, patience, and a love for the wonder of human development.
  4. She demonstrated a joyful professionalism that will be both welcoming and reassuring for families. Here at Tiny Trees we believe that the family is the foremost expert on their individual child and it is teachers like Racine who will build the bridge between a family and the classroom.
  5. She possesses a contagious enthusiasm and a love for travel and adventure.
  6. Bonus! She also teaches yoga, dance, painting, drawing and photography for all ages.

Racine Lemons joins Tiny Trees from Bright Horizons and Latona Associates where she has been teaching for the last two years. Before that she spent six years as an educator and staff training specialist for Whole Foods where she developed a love for farm to table goodness and tasty food. Skills she is excited to use in the John C Little garden. She has a degree in Sociology and is completing her last year of a B.A. in Human Development with a focus on family studies from Washington State University.

Please join me in welcoming Racine Lemons to the Tiny Trees team!

Racine in Snow Lead Teacher Outdoor Nature Preschool


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