Welcome Serena Lehman – Volunteer & Training Coordinator

Volunteers are a big part of a Tiny Trees education. Our goal is for every classroom, every day, to have 1-2 adult volunteers who help teachers with lessons and activities, help children with self-care like putting on rubber boots or a rain suit and help with risk management by  making sure every student is within sight and sound of a teacher at all times.

It’s a big job and from the beginning, it was clear that the Volunteer and Training Coordinator position would require a versatile & creative individual with great relationship skills and a strong mind for systems. Serena exceeds our hopes in every way! She comes to us with over 9 years experience in partnership building and volunteer management. During her tenure with Cascade Bicycle Club, she revamped the 700+ volunteer program to be more inclusive while developing incentives for long term engagement.

Picture1(Erin) Question: What are your strengths, what makes you amazing?

(Serena) Answer: I love connecting with people and helping people get connected to what they love! I’m very good at matching volunteers with opportunities. I’m compassionate and empathetic. And I love being outdoors!

Growing up, Serena spent each Sunday hiking. Now, with her own child, she sees firsthand the importance for children to have opportunities to explore, make mistakes and grow in the outdoors. Not only will Serena be joining the Tiny Trees team, her son will soon be at home in one of our outdoor classrooms!

Please join us in welcoming Serena to the Tiny Trees team!

Dear Erin and Andrew,

I enthusiastically submit my name for the position of Volunteer and Training Coordinator at Tiny Trees Preschool. I heard about the position on via a colleague and was beyond thrilled. As someone who loves the children, being outdoors and has been leading volunteers over the last 9 years I would love to have the opportunity to work as part of the Tiny Trees team during this time of growth.

To this role I bring 9 years of full­cycle volunteer management including recruitment, onboarding, training, coordinating, evaluation and appreciation. With every new project I take on I am always
looking for ways to improve. In 2013 I took over Cascade Bicycle Club’s 700+ volunteer program and I put in place a new recruitment questionnaire to better match volunteers with roles, added new incentives and increased our recruitment of new volunteers from students to retirees. A key part of my work on Cascade’s volunteer program was working closely with staff to rethink how we use volunteers, ensuring staff had support to work with volunteers and making sure we had welcoming environment.

Additionally, I bring a communications angle to the role. As the outreach lead I was the brand ambassador for Cascade. I presented to any community group that would listen to me about the work
Cascade did. This included PTAs, High School, Community Councils, Rotary Clubs, etc. After the meetings I was tasked with reporting out the results of that engagement through online blog posts,
social media, pictures, and reports to management and funders. During my tenure I built several key partnerships that expanded our constituency base and helped further our mission.

Most recently, I began acting as a volunteer consultant with 501 Commons. My role has been working closely with other nonprofits to enhance their volunteer programs. Specifically looking for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats to the volunteer program. I feel proud to have been able to help several groups strengthen and grow their volunteer programs.

Beyond the skills I mentioned above, I am passionate about creating an active environment for children to learn. I am collaborative, a self­ starter, flexible and have a love of learning. As I raise my
own 2 year son to have an appreciation for the outdoors I value more and more opportunities for children to be active. I am passionate about the mission Tiny Trees and hope to get to be part of that.


Serena Lehman

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