Meet Veronica Reynoso – Lead Teacher at Jefferson Park

Brain of a child at age 2

Synapses as they develop in a child’s brain.

A child’s brain is a magical web of ideas, creativity and innovation. At age three all of your synapses are connected. A stick can become a magic wand. It can be used to paint a masterpiece, slay a dragon or conduct a symphony. It is a brain that depends on play and exploration to turn ideas into lessons about the logic of the world – how things work and what things mean. How a symbol can come to represent a sound, a behavior can bring a consequence and jumping into a big puddle can make a big splash.

The best teachers value the child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge. Every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it. For Veronica, it is this philosophy that has guided her work for the last five years, first as a Head Start teacher in Chicago and most recently as a lead teacher at Epiphany Early Learning here in Seattle.

We’re thrilled to have Veronica leading our school at Jefferson Park. Here’s our top three reasons why:

  • She has experience working both with the lowest income families in a Head Start classroom and with families of means in an award winning Reggio based classroom in Madrona.
  • She excels at involving the whole family in a child’s education and helping other teachers do the same.
  • She has a long record of creating joyful classrooms where children feel safe, have the freedom to follow their curiosity and enjoy frequent opportunities to develop their sense of wonder in the natural world.


Please join us in welcoming Veronica Reynoso to Tiny Trees!

VeronicaDear Andrew and Erin,

My name is Veronica Reynoso and I am applying to join Tiny Trees Preschool. I am a graduate of Columbia College Chicago where I earned my BA in Early Childhood Education and my teaching certificate in a Reggio centered teaching approach. I taught at Velma Thomas, a Reggio inspired head start preschool, in Chicago for three years and I am currently a teacher at Epiphany Early Learning, also a Reggio inspired preschool, where I have been teaching since July 2014. I moved from my hometown of Chicago to Seattle in search of nature and to enjoy the great outdoors, which can be difficult in a huge city like Chicago. I wanted to teach in a city where I could be outside exploring and learning with children all year long.

For the last two years teaching in Seattle, I have found joy in working with children outside, whether it is by turning soil to find worms, the life cycle of those worms, the way plants grow, or the wonder on the faces of children upon turning over a log after a rainy day to find bugs. However, one of my greatest inner struggles is the lack of accessibility to this kind of education for children all over the city. I grew up with two older brothers in a low income household, raised by my Mexican immigrant, Spanish speaking, Mother and Father. Schools like the one I work at now, would not be accessible to me, or children in families like mine. As an adult, I believe it is my responsibility to advocate for families of all backgrounds because all children are deserving of the best education. Many families think that high quality education is out of reach for them. This is why I believe that this position is such an important one; it will demonstrate to families how and why great schools can and should be accessible to everyone.

I love being an educator, particularly being able to partner closely with families. I am fortunate to have learned about the Reggio philosophy from the start of my career, and to have worked in Reggio inspired centers where building community and family partnerships is of utmost importance. I chose to take this step forward in my path in the world of education because I want to focus on families and the partnership that is necessary between families and schools in order for children to thrive. I believe that my teaching experience will be an invaluable tool to help the children of Tiny Trees in the present and future. I would like to thank you for your time and consideration for the position. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and would like to meet with you for further conversation.


Veronica Reynoso

  • Chris Castañeda-Barajas
    Posted at 09:31h, 21 June

    So excited you’ll be my children’s teacher! I know Emiliano and Francisco will learn a lot from you, Veronica.

  • Khavin Debbs
    Posted at 13:49h, 21 June

    Welcome! I look forward to working with you!