A Love Letter to Jefferson Park

Oh Jefferson Park! Beacon of the hill! How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways:

1. Beacon mountain playscape! A playground on top of a mountain on top of a hill? With ziplines? It’s an avalanche of amazing!


2. Hidden groves of natural wonder! Our home classroom is in a hidden forest grove of big trees, naturally sheltered from the wind. But there are secret wonders all across the Park. Like the rain garden full of reeds (below). The hidden ponds full of lily pads and stepping stones. Or the lone old growth cedar tree, full of stories.

Jefferson park rain garden on beacon hill seattle

3. Fire Trucks! With station 13 located in the park children will see a fire engine close up, meet some of our community’s fire fighters and learn about fire safety (plus did we mention BIG TRUCKS!!). For kids excited about seeing fire trucks this summer check out one of the dozen Firefighter Storytimes that are happening in neighborhoods across the city.

Fire Station number 13 in Jefferson Park beacon hill Seattle

4. Beacon Hill Food Forest! It’s pretty magical to have a forest full of free food. Children can learn how to plant, grown and harvest their own food, all while helping to improve the forest for future generations. We’ll maybe even get to plant some tiny fruit trees!

shelter at beacon hill food forest at jefferson park

5. Hidden words! In the 2012 remodel of the park quotes and poetry were embedded in sidewalks. Words that are perfect for literacy scavenger hunts! Or making a rubbing with a paper and crayon!


6. Phenomenal views! Of the Olympic Mountains, the Duwamish River and the Seattle skyline.

View from Jefferson Park

7. Spray park! For those hot summer days children can cool off with play time in the spray and water park that is part of the Beacon mountain playscape.

spray park


8. Airplanes! With our big binoculars children can see airplanes close up as they come in to land at Boeing Field and SeaTac.

airplane seattle skyline

9. Kites! Jefferson Park is one of the best kite flying parks in the city. Children will get to build their own kites and test them, learning about design and aeronautical engineering.

kite flying

10. Public art!

Jefferson Park art

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