09 Dec To Our Heroes: Thank You! Luncheon Raises $58,600 for Children in Need

Thank You doesn’t begin to describe our appreciation for all of the people who rallied to support our community’s children at the Tiny Trees luncheon. Together, all of our Tiny Trees heroes raised over $58,600 for scholarships and to help open new schools.

At the luncheon we witnessed not just a celebration of what we have accomplished together in the last year but the beginning of a culture.  We celebrated children free to be children, diversity and inclusion, and the combined efforts of city, county, and state to ensure that our children and our children’s children have a bright future when it comes to their education and a healthy environment.

100% of gifts made at the event are going towards scholarships and opening 6 new schools in 2017 and 2018. Specifically:

  • Cougar Mountain – Bellevue, Renton, & Issaquah
  • Big Finn Hill Park – Kirkland, Woodinville, & Bothell
  • Downtown Seattle Location (to be announced soon – opens 2017)
  • White Center Heights – Burien & SW Seattle
  • Five Mile Lake Park – Auburn & Federal Way
  • Maplewood Park – Renton & Maple Valley

Grateful. This is how we feel about all of the heroes who have partnered with Tiny Trees on this journey.

To all of you who stood up and made a difference!

Aaron Johnson, AJ Rei-Perrine, Alex Oakerman, Amanda Ovena, Amy Augustine Grappone, Amy Brockhaus, Amy Glaub Sprenger, Andrea Holman, Andrea Marquez, Andy Engleson, Andy Knapp, Anisha Sood, Ann Sebeste, Anne Echols, Anonymous, April McCoy, Arjun Kakkar, Audrey Livermore, Autumn Marton, Barry Stulberg, Becca Kendenburg, Becka Ribbing, Benjamin Gruel, Blythe (Vera) Weikel, Bob Crittenden, Brian Leslie, Brianna Jackson, Brianna Reynaud, Brooke Densmore, Cameron Caldwell, Candice Vleugels, Cara Starr, Carol Wood, Catherine Henny, Chad Hunter, Charles Ng, Charlie Kim, Chelsea Stonex, Chris Bifone, Christina Gonzalez, Christina Twu, Christopher Kauer, Cindy Chon, Claire Buchanan, Crystal Nam, Daniel Waggoner, Darin Knapp, Darwin Hidalgo, David Brotherton, David Daggett, David Reynaud, Dawn Scata, Dewey Walker, Elizabeth Hall, Elizabeth Upton, Eric Scata, Erika Bailey, Erika Krebs Durham, Erin Perkins, Erin Soper, Erin Stivers, Evan Shapiro, Frana Milan, Francesca Holme, Fred Kingston, Gabe Aeschliman, Gail Gowdy, Garrett Bandy, Gemma Ryan, Genny Arredondo, Grace Wang, Greg Scully, Heather Foster, Heather Jarvis, Heather Johnston-Robinson, Howard Frumkin, Howard Wu, Imran Rahman, Jamie Van Horne, Japhet Koteen, Jeanne Iannucci, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Jennifer Macdonald, Jennifer Soriano, Jennifer Stewart, Jeremy Faber, Jerilyn Young, Jessica Efta, Jessica Emerson, Jessica Owens, Jessica Zbogar-Smith, Jesus Aguirre, Joanie Robertson, Joe Belcher, John Daly, John Stivers, John Vendelin, Jonah Harrison, Jonny Myers, Jori Chisholm, Josh Gautreau, Josh Kawinski, Judy McBroom, Juli Bildhauer, Julia Sandler, Julie Cella, Kara Van Voorhis, Karina Derksen-Schrock, Karinda Harris, Kate Peterson, Katherine Miller, Kathryn Terry, Katie Johnson, Kay Rigley, Kei Lee, Kelly LaCrosse, Kevin Brown, Kevin Geiger, Khavin Debbs, Kim Jones, Kris Johnson, Kristen Modie, Kyle Layman, Kyle Layman, Larry Nakata, Laura O’Hara, Laurel Ady Howard, Lee Anne Hughes, Libby Sinclaire, Liddy Wendell, Lisa Chaiet, Lisa Merrill, Liza Shoenfeld, Lori Hunt, LuLu Gephart, Mackenzie Rizzuto, Maggie Wykowski, Marc Zawislak, Marcus Dover, Margot Winter, Maria Pinzon, Marilyn Derksen, Mark Mendel, Martin Gowdy, Mary Mullen, Matt Holman, Matt Russell, Maura Barraza, Mayor Ed Murray, Melissa Todd, Mia Ellis, Michael Charles, Michael G. Martin, Miriam Haile, Miriam Zmiewski-Angelova, Nancy Ward, Nastassia Valenzuela, Nate Van Duzer, Nekita Jones, Nick Momyer, Palmira Figueroa, Pat Beurskens, Pat Kozu, Paul Bauer, Paul Mason, Paul Tupper, Pennie Saum, Pete Rizzuto, Rachael Steward, Rachel Block, Rachel Needham, Randi Mason, Rebecca Chan, Rhonda Dafforn, Rosemary Knapp, Rosie Reynaud, Roxana Chen, Rupesh Amin, Ryan Johnson, Ryan Tennant, Sally Zyfers, Sam Whiting, Sam Witting, Sandy Marvinney, Sandy Nakata, Sara Gharbi-Reinking, Sara Leigh Medley, Sarah Bloom, Sarah Felstiner, Sarah Lewko, Scott Thomas, Sean Hughes, Shannon Hanson, Shelley Stromholt, Shelly Gasperine, Sinem Sahin, Skye Wu, Sophie Newland, Stephanie Rosolack, Sunny Knight, Susan Carlson, Tamara Burdick, Taylor Reily, Ted Johnson, Terry Holme, Thelma Sevilla, Thomas Kayser, Tim Han, Toby Bright, Tom Dorrance, Tonja Brown, Toshiko Hasegawa, Tracy Smith, Tricia Trainer, Trisha Kozu, Unique Quiambao, Vanessa Laughlin, Vedika Mehera, Veronica, Victor Reinking, Victoria Fan, Will Sood… you are heroes!

100% of the gifts made at the luncheon went to programs.
This is because of these generous sponsors.

Event Sponsors

David Wright Tremaine
New Face of Dentistry
Cambia Health Solutions

Table Sponsors

The Wilderness Society
Re-Think Green

In-Kind Sponsors

Katrina Shelby Photography
Julie Harmsen Photography
McCormick & Schmicks

Gratitude to our Table Champions

AJ Rei-Perrine, Marcus Dover,  Michael Charles, Francesca Holme, Jeanne Iannucci, Terry Holme, Kristen Modie, Davis Wright Tremaine, Trisha Kozu, Marc Zawislak, Matt Holman, Miriam Haile, Susan Carlson, Nekita Jones, Miriam Haile, Darin Knapp, Re-Think Green, Sara Gharbi-Reinking, Kevin Geiger, Lee Anne Hughes, Erin Soper, The Wilderness Society, Erin Stivers, Katie Johnson, Jori Chisholm, Andrew Jay… you made it happen!

And lastly a big thank you to board members and event taskforce leaders Nekita Jones (chair) and Miriam Haile.
Your leadership, hard-work, and vision made this event possible. 

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