27 Dec Your Guide to Tiny Trees: Veronica Reynoso – Family Empowerment Coordinator

Many of you have crossed paths with our talented Family Empowerment Coordinator, Veronica Reynoso. Since she will be leading our open houses and school tours this month we would like to share a little more of her story and why she is such a passionate advocate for children & Families:

My name is Veronica Reynoso and I am the Family Empowerment Coordinator at Tiny Trees Preschool. For the last six months I have had the great privilege to work with so many wonderful families throughout all of our classrooms! It has been a heart warming experience to learn more about each of our students, to share stories, and to really get to know one another.

I was born and raised in Chicago. I grew up with two older brothers in a low income household, raised by my Mexican immigrant, Spanish speaking, mother and father. My family is a huge part of the foundation of who I am today, and has shaped the way in which I interact with children and families. I recall the times in my childhood when I sat with my mother at parent teacher conferences as her translator. Despite communication barriers, my mother worked hard to make sure that I had every tool at my disposal for a successful education. My mom pushed me to be the best that I could be. As an adult, I believe it is my responsibility to advocate for families, the way that my mother did for me, of all backgrounds because all children are deserving of the best education.

I am a graduate of Columbia College Chicago where I earned my BA in Early Childhood Education and my teaching certificate in a Reggio centered teaching approach. I taught at Velma Thomas, a Reggio inspired head start preschool, in Chicago for three years. I moved from my hometown of Chicago to Seattle in the July of 2014, in search of nature and to enjoy the great outdoors, which can be difficult in a huge city like Chicago. I wanted to teach in a city where I could be outside exploring and learning with children all year long. When I moved to Seattle I began to work at Epiphany Early Learning, also a Reggio inspired preschool.

I have always enjoyed being an educator. As the years passed, I began to see that what I enjoyed most was helping families bridge a connection between school and home. I have helped create workshops to demonstrate skills and language used in the classroom that can be taken home to support children as they continue to grow as learners. I saw how invaluable the partnerships that were formed between teachers, families, and the school community strengthened and supported the way that the children were learning. When every person around a child is as excited to learn as they are, they feel more confident to take risks!

I am looking forward to engaging more with families as we move forward in the year. Until those opportunities come, I am always here to lend support in any way that I possibly can. I am here to be your family’s resource. I am also always here to chat – you can reach me anytime at veronica@tinytrees.org or 206-701-0245 x 2. On my time off I enjoy cooking, practicing photography (so I can share images of my culinary creations), and collecting cookbooks. I also am a huge Blackhawks fan and enjoy practicing boxing and other combat styles. Feel free to contact me. I would love to get to know each one of you too!

Courageously yours,

Veronica Reynoso
Family Empowerment Coordinator
P: 206-701-0245 x 2


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