12 Jun 5 Volunteers Share Their Story & Invite You To Join Them

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Good Afternoon James!

Thank you so much for reaching out to me, I really appreciate it. I had a wonderful time in the classroom this past Friday. Tess and Julie were inviting and receptive of my presence and really made me feel welcomed in the classroom. The children were spectacular and made me feel like I had been volunteering in the classroom for weeks; within five minutes of their arrival I was sitting and reading a story with over half of the class. They were so inventive and communicative, I felt like I was answering some pretty comprehensive questions of theirs! I also greatly admired the overall structure of the classroom, it was all so open and fluid. In sum, I am thrilled and honored to be given the opportunity to volunteer with Tiny Trees and spend time with and learn from these special children and teachers.

Thank you so much James! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Jade Hoiby, Carkeek Park


Hi James,

My time at Jefferson Park has been absolutely wonderful! Rachel and Gavin have been very welcoming, and the children are always so much fun!  We’ve visited the Beacon Hill Food Forest a couple times, visited the greenhouse operated by Seattle parks, and overall just had fun at the park.  I’m having such a good time on Wednesdays that I would like to soon volunteer more hours with Tiny Trees.  I greatly appreciate this opportunity to work with Tiny Trees.  I am learning a lot, and overall having quite the entertaining time playing and exploring with the children!

Reid Ellingsen, Jefferson Park



I really loved my experience there last week volunteering at Carkeek Park. It was so great to see children had so much freedom to explore in the woods and get to know their strength in their body. It was very similar to my experience working with children in Norwegian preschool. The children at Tiny Tree they learn through play and develop physical, motor, and literacy skills in a more interactive and fun way. I was also amazed that many children have impressive literacy and math skills. Thanks for offering this opportunity for me. I really appreciate it.

Linda Wang, Carkeek Park


Hi James,

Thanks for checking in with me. I absolutely love Tiny Trees. Last quarter in one of my courses I did a research review on outdoor learning environments so it has been nice to see those high-quality interactions first hand at Tiny Trees that support all the information from the research studies. My program at UW is 100% online with the only hands on, in person requirement is filming myself interacting with children. I have been using a group of children I previously home schooled and could continue doing that but I would love to use Tiny Trees as my Service Learning sight. I understand that filming children may be an issue for some parents but I thought I would ask because I really love Tiny Trees and think it would be interesting this quarter because the course with this requirement this Spring quarter is all about engaging environments for early learning. Most of the coursework so far has focused on traditional indoor work but I would love the opportunity to show my instructors and class that all of it can be done in an outdoor environment.

Please let me know if that is a possibility and I can forward you more information on it.

Thank you,

Akela Quin, Jefferson Park


Hello James!

I think things are going really well at Carkeek Park! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the children in the Carkeek West class. There are all so sweet and unique! I feel like I am learning a lot about what its like to teach preschoolers by watching and working with Tess and Khavin. I really like being involved in Tiny Trees and think that the learning experiences offered to the children are so amazing. Thank you very much for helping me be able to experience such a great organization and class!


Alyssa Boyle, Carkeek Park

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