02 Aug Meet Two New Board Members – Kendra & Keren

Board service is joyful service. Here’s why:

  • It’s one of the best ways for talented people to give back – You are able to use your professional and inter-personal skills to super-charge an organization.
  • You do good work in good company – You work with a team of passionate and capable people.
  • You can solve big problems for children and families.

Our two new board members represent this mantra of joyful service. They are passionate, capable, and committed to a brighter future for every child in Washington. Here’s their story:

Kendra Hale

Kendra Hale has lived in the Seattle area her entire life where she enjoys the abundance of greenery, fresh air and beautiful scenery. Kendra attended Seattle University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs with a focus on Nonprofit Leadership. Currently, Kendra works at Stepherson and Associates Communications. This position gives her the opportunity to exercise her love of writing and support community outreach endeavors for planning, design and construction projects in the Seattle area. Her main goal throughout her life has been to serve and help others. She loves volunteering and working in an environment that gives her the opportunity to impact others in a positive way. Both her professional and personal journeys have been rich with experiences that have taught her about herself and how to best serve others. Her passions and values continue to direct her next steps in life. Kendra thinks if an opportunity makes her heart sing, then it’s a wise choice to explore it and discover what it can teach her. She is passionate about music, creative endeavors, empowering women and children to reach their highest potential, uplifting others and challenging herself to try new things even if it scares her.

Tiny Trees is excited to have Kendra’s expertise in community outreach and public relations as we expand to East and South King County.

Keren Herzberg


Keren is a parent of twin boys who will be attending Tiny Trees this fall (they are a few years older than the photo above). Keren grew up on the east coast and decided to move to Seattle on a whim in 2001 which she proudly calls home. She is an Assistant Vice President of Operations at Symetra Life Insurance Company and busy mom to 4 year old twin boys. When Keren and her husband, a long time educator, researched day care options for twins, they were shocked by the cost for two kids and impact that would have on the family and were thrilled to find a unique and affordable experience with Tiny Trees. As a board member, Keren brings her extensive experience as an operations leader to help enhance the experience for families going through a similar process with their little ones.

Keren learned about Tiny Trees from her husband who was researching outdoor and nature based preschools. As a former teacher for the local school district her husband knew how important play and outdoor time is for a child’s learning. He found Tiny Trees and knew it was the right fit for the family.

For Keren, the focus of Tiny Trees on equity – on giving all children access to a quality education – spoke to her values. She is excited to use her executive leadership skills and perspective as a mother of two students to help.

Please join me in welcoming both Keren and Kendra to the Tiny Trees board!

Learn more about current board openings here.

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