24 Aug Total Eclipse of the Heart: Photos from the Awe-pocolypse

Monday brought celestial majesty to Tiny Trees. Here’s a few ways we celebrated the awesomeness of the eclipse:

Children built cereal box eclipse viewers.

Which they wore on their head so they could see the eclipse up close.

One family brought a welding mask. Fitted with a filter for solar viewing. It also made you look like Darth Vader, which was pretty cool.

Teacher Liz showed students who to use eclipse viewing glasses.

Which was a huge hit!

Especially as we got closer to 87% totality!

At which point it got dark, cool, and the birds were quiet.

At the same time that children at Tiny Trees we’re watching the eclipse, 10 new teachers started their first day of staff training.

One thing we learned was how to uses a colander to view the eclipse.

Notice how the light bends to show the eclipse on the paper.

An auspicious start to new staff training.

165 children playing, 10 new teachers training, 1 moment of celestial majesty = total eclipse of the heart!


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