10 Oct What’s In Your Backpack? Tips for Staying Warm, Happy and Fed

With rain and winter approaching, there will will be new changes for our parents, children and teachers to adapt to. Not to worry, the trail blazers of 2016-17 have tips and tricks up their sleeve after surviving 44 inches of rain and below average temperatures last school year!

Q: “I know that my child learns best when their basic needs are met, how can I ensure that my child is comfortable and happy at school during the wet and cold days?”

A: Proper gear and food are essential to your child’s warmth and comfort, here are things you can add to your child’s backpack and lunch box:

Backpack essentials:

  •  Disposable Hand and foot warmers. Vendors: Costco, Amazon
  • Extra winter gloves or synthetic/neoprene gloves with a water proof rain mitten over top. Brands: Mead at Costco, Rain mittens at Polarn O. Pyret
  • Extra pair of wool socks

Lunch box staples:

  • Thermos with warm water, soup or broth
  • Fatty, hearty, protein rich meals: Oatmeal, root vegetables, nut buttered bread, beans, salty meat (salami, fish, steak bites)
  • Thin cotton, synthetic or neoprene gloves used for eating
  • Avoid wet or cold food such as fresh fruit

*Please refer to Tiny Trees Tips Tricks 2017-2018 for proper layering of winter clothes. The standard advice is to wear three layers: a base layer to stay dry, a mid-layer to keep warm and an outer layer to retain heat and protect against rain, wind and snow. The rain suit will be the outer layer, roomy enough for sweatshirts, coats and other layers to be worn underneath.

Q: “What if my child goes through both pairs of gloves, socks or gets wet under their suit while at school?”

A: Every teacher is prepared with a cold weather kit  which includes a few pairs of:

Thermals tops and bottoms, fleece tops and bottoms, wool socks, disposable hand warmers, electric hand warmers, winter gloves, water proof rain mittens and hats.  These items are expected to be washed and returned in order to provide extra gear for students in need.

We are here to answer any other questions you may have.  If you are having difficulty buying gear items, please reach out to us for support.


Katherine & Meri
Family Empowerment Coordinators

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