13 Oct What’s It Like to Go To School In the Woods?

A child’s view of Cougar Mountain
Wildland Park

Photography by Eli Brownell, King County Parks

Dressed in my rain suit, and with a backpack full of goodies, I am ready for the day.

I say goodbye to my mom and sister and I am off to play.

Here’s a glimpse of my day.

Editor’s note: Brain science has show us that children learn best through play, and by choosing their own adventure. We also know that children thrive when they have a dependable routine. Each Tiny Trees classroom follows the HighScope curriculum, which provides a child with the freedom to choose their own adventure while providing a structure for the days activities.

I follow my friend along the balance log.

Where we can see our class at play.

I check out the musical instruments.

But decide I would rather draw a map.

This is my school. Full of wonder, opportunity, and adventure.


Editors note: This school is a partnership with King County Parks. More details about our classes at Cougar Mountain are available here.

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