18 Oct Meet the Teachers At Olympic Sculpture Park!

Olympic Sculpture Park

Alicia Guinn

Alicia Guinn is the lead teacher at Olympic Sculpture Park. She has ten years of preschool teaching experience and is currently completing her state certification in Early Childhood Education. She is also a certified Roots of Empathy instructor, and she holds a BA and MA in English.¬†Alicia loves to foster children’s natural interest in art, bridging children’s artwork to learning in science, literacy, and math. She is passionate about teaching social-emotional skills to preschoolers and helping children learn to be kind, empathetic community members. Alicia also teaches Irish dancing and helps organize Sean-nos Northwest, an annual Irish festival in Olympia. She likes riding her bike all around Seattle, reading Neil Gaiman novels, listening to McElroy podcasts, and eating fresh tomatoes from her garden!

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