25 Oct Meet the Teachers At John C. Little Park!

John C. Little Park

Mike & Gavin

Mike Bernatovicz

Mike grew up in Vancouver, WA, graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2011, and has been living in Seattle for six years.  He embraces a child centered, play-based teaching philosophy, and encourages young children to ask questions, dig for answers, and make decisions for themselves. He feels that a fun, calm and inviting learning environment where the students are actively shaping the classroom and their curriculum is the most conducive to a child’s positive social and cognitive development.  He has a passion for music whether it’s playing bass guitar with a band, going to see a show or discovering a new record.  He has a strong interest in food and cooking and also the historical, nutritional and cultural significance of food.


Gavin Miller

Gavin is a scientist turned educator who believes that curiosity is the key to lifelong learning. With degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies, Gavin brings an inquiry based approach to learning that thrives in the outdoor environment. He focuses on creating strong relationships with each of his students so he can create curriculum that is responsive to his class’s needs and interests. When he’s not in the classroom he is hiking, gardening, cooking, or working on some DIY project.

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