20 Nov What Were We Up To? Tiny Trees Professional Development

On November 9th 2017, Tiny Trees staff gathered for another full day of professional development. These intensive days are important for teachers and administrators as a way to come together, share resources and receive hands-on training in a number of fields. This month’s topics centered on cold and wet weather, risk management, anti-bias and equity and protocol for “happy hikes.” We also received training on conflict resolution from our SPP-Pathway coach Michael Figueroa.

HighScope’s six-step conflict resolution process, summarized below, helps children peacefully settle disputes and conflicts. With continuity between home and the classroom, children can often carry out this sequence on their own by program’s end.

6 Steps to Conflict Resolution:

  • Approach calmly, stopping any hurtful actions. Place yourself between the children, on their level.
  • Acknowledge children’s feelings. Say something simple such as “You look really upset.” Let children know you need to hold any object in question.
  • Gather information. Ask “What’s the problem?” Do not ask “Why?” questions.
  • Restate the problem. “So the problem is…”
  • Ask for ideas for solutions and choose one together. “What can we do to solve this problem?”
  • Be prepared to give follow-up support. Acknowledge their accomplishments (e.g., “You solved the problem!”). Stay nearby in case anyone is not happy with the solution and the process needs repeating.

If you should have any questions or are looking for support in conflict resolution at home, please reach out to us.

December’s professional development will be held over winter break, therefore there will be no additional school closures for December.




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Family Empowerment Coordinator
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