21 Dec Gear Wear and Care: Tips and Tricks to Keeping Your Child Dry

Greetings Tiny Tree Families,

After reviewing feedback from our Fall Family Survey regarding gear, we thought it would be beneficial to provide a step by step process for proper wear of Grundens bibs and jackets in order to set your child up for dry success!  We have also included quick reminders on proper care instructions for Grundens and product features for XtraTuf and Oaki Wear boots so that you have more knowledge of the products you are using! A BIG THANK YOU to our generous donors for providing high quality outdoor gear to every student!

Setting Your Child Up for Dry Success:

Step 1. Warm jacket worn under the bibs: This helps reduce time undressing for bathroom breaks

Step 2. Bibs pants are worn on the outside of the boots, not tucked in the boots, with strap over bottom of boots: This prevents water from falling into boots

Step 3. Grudens Rain Jacket worn over bibs: This prevents water from going down the bibs.

Step 4: Mittens worn under jacket(s): This helps stabilize them in place so they do not fall off as often.

Step 5: Cross your bib straps over opposite shoulders if they tend to fall off shoulders easily.

Quick Care Instructions for Grundens gear:

*Bib and jackets can be washed in the washer: Do not use regular detergent, this will wear away rain proofing.  Hang to dry

*When washing gear in the washer, use no soap or suggested rain gear detergent such as NikWax. Hang to dry.

*If jacket and bibs are not thoroughly dry before storing them, mold and mildew growth can develop. Mold and mildew can quickly stain the gear and will cause the waterproof coat to smell musty.

*To remove mold, add 1 cup of white vinegar to rinse cycle or apply lemon juice and salt to moldy area and rub. Allow gear to dry in the sun if possible.

*Apply Vaseline to to jacket buttons to minimize buttons sticking together and ripping off.  Reapply often to sticky buttons.

Product Features and Temperature Ratings of Boots:

XtraTuf: Kids’ Insulated Legacy Boot

“If your kids are headed out fishing or taking an all day field trip, the new XTRATUF Kid’s Legacy Boot provides the warmth and protection that you feel good about putting them in. Added insulation will protect against rain, wind, snow, and below freezing temperatures to keep your little ones warm, dry and comfortable all day. The natural, hand laid rubber shields against the elements while keeping its durable integrity to stand up to whatever they put them through.” -10 degrees rating

Oaki Wear: Children’s Velcro Snow Boots

• Soft Nylon Oxford upper

• Handcrafted, lightweight Thermoplastic Rubber outsole

• Removable fleece liner for extra warmth on cold days

• Seam-sealed waterproof construction locks water out

• Adjustable velco ankle strap for extra support and a custom fit

• Oaki Leaf Embossed logo stamp on velco ankle strap

• Enhanced tight-grip bungee toggle keeps snow out

• Herringbone pattern sole provides excellent traction on slick surfaces

• 0 degree temperature rating

If you need any support or have more questions, please reach out to us!


Your Family Empowerment Coordinators, Katherine & Meri





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