21 Dec What Were We Up To? Tiny Trees Professional Development

On December  18th 2017, Tiny Trees staff gathered for a full day of professional development at the Impact Hub, our central location for administrative staff.  Anti-Bias Education was lead by our curriculum coaches Rachel and Khavin, where discussions were held on implicit biases concerning skin tone, sexuality, disabilities, and socio-economic statuses.  Why is it important, you may ask?  Because if we want to provide full, thriving, meaningful education to our students, then it is imperative that we as educators do the work necessary to not only discover our biases, but unpack them and provide counter narratives.  The more we do this with ourselves, the more skills we gain in order to  guide our children in a similar, developmentally appropriate  process as well.

In addition, we discussed risk management concerning severe weather preparedness, emergency shelters and practicing drills. Our volunteer coordinator, Corbin shared volunteer program updates, goals and challenges. If you are interested  in volunteering, please contact corbin@tinytrees.org for more information!

School will be closed for our next Professional Development on Tuesday, January 23rd.


Your Family Empowerment Coordinators, Katherine & Meri





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