20 Mar What Were We Up To? Tiny Trees Professional Development and More!

On March 14th 2018, Tiny Trees staff gathered for a full day of professional development at the Beacon Hill Garden Club Headquarters House.  We welcomed our special guest from Sound Discipline who provided training in “Building Resiliency: Working with Youth Exposed to Stress and Trauma.”  Staff had the opportunity to learn the impact of trauma and insecure attachment on developing brains, tools for building children’s resiliency and strategies to build positive relationships.

Learning objectives included:
• Gaining an understanding of the neuroscience behind trauma and attachment;
• Enhancing our “radar” about trauma and attachment;
• Developing tools to build relationships and improve outcomes for youth exposed to stress and trauma

For more information on the mission and vision of Sound Discipline or for additional resources, visit their website here!


Bus Tickets! An Additional Resource from our Volunteer Coordinator:

Tiny Trees, through King County Metro, is able to provide bus tickets for low income households for their commute to or from Tiny Trees. The bus tickets themselves are easy to use. Upon entering the bus, an individual presents their ticket to the bus driver for that ride. These tickets function as a wholly paid fare, enabling the user to request a transfer and etc. Bus tickets do not have an expiration date. However, Tickets are only good on King County Metro buses.

We are happy to provide these bus tickets to better support our families and volunteers in their commute to and from Tiny Trees. Please contact corbin@tinytrees.org if you would like more information and to see if you would qualify.

Your Family Coordinators,

Meri & Katherine








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