2021-22 school year Enrollment information

27 Jan 2021-22 school year Enrollment information

2021-22 School Year

Tiny Trees is currently planning for the 2021-22 school year, including finalizing programming times, locations and tuition rates. This school year, we implemented some changes in response to the pandemic, including cancelling part-week programming and not operating several locations, and we’re still in conversation with our partners as we determine what’s possible for next year. Once 2021-22 programming is finalized (likely late February), we will share all information on our website and via email to families on our Interest List.

Preschool Information

Tiny Trees operates programming in parks throughout Puget Sound for students aged 3-5 years. Please visit our Preschool page for general program information, or our Enrollment tab to learn more about joining our muddy family!

New families submit an Interest Form to receive enrollment information.

Enrollment Process

First: Returning families receive priority enrollment in March (before “new student registration” is opened later that month).

Next: We send staggered waves of registration invitations via email to all eligible families (potty trained children who are at least 3 yo and not yet 6 by Aug. 31st) who submitted an Interest Form.

Later: After we have invited all eligible Interest List families to register, our preschool registration is opened to the public for everyone to access on our website.


We recognize that many places and people use the same words differently, so here is some information to clarify what these terms mean at Tiny Trees Preschool.

Interest Form: Families can submit an Interest Form throughout the year. The form does not guarantee enrollment, nor is it a waitlist application. The Interest Form lets us know that you want to receive a registration invitation for the year that your child is eligible to enroll at Tiny Trees Preschool.

Interest List: Also known as the Enrollment Interest List, this list is created using information we’ve received from Interest Forms.

Registration Invitation: We send invitations welcoming families to access our enrollment portal and complete their student’s registration. This invitation is sent via email (with information families submit in their Interest Form).

Enrollment: We use “enrollment” and “registration” interchangeably; they both mean to formally complete the process (sign-up and submit payment) to confirm a child’s spot in a program.

Enrollment Period: Our enrollment period begins every spring (typically in late February or early March) for the following school year. A lot of enrollment activity (students sign-ups or changes) happens during the spring and summer, but the Enrollment Period doesn’t have an official end date because enrollment remains open until programs fill up.

Program: Sometimes “program” and “class” are used interchangeably, but the program typically indicates more detailed information. Traditionally, some Tiny Trees locations have had multiple class offerings (different timing or frequency of sessions), so we differentiate these options by calling them “programs” rather than “classes” to avoid confusion. For example, in the past, the “Carkeek Park Class” had a 5-day AM Program or a 3-day PM Program.

Program Waitlist: Our waitlist is created annually during our Enrollment Period. When a program fills up (has reached the maximum number of students) and its enrollment is closed, families are welcome to sign up on the program waitlist for their preferred program/s. During this time, some families enroll in a different program and get on the waitlist for their preferred program, and some families do not enroll and only sign up on the program waitlist.

If/when any spots become available in a previously closed/full program, we notify families on the program waitlist. This occurs whenever a spot opens (whether it’s in the summer before school starts, or mid-school year). Some programs are more popular than others, so waitlist lengths vary. We cannot guarantee that families on the waitlist will be able to enroll.

Our waitlist is created annually. This means that, for example, if an opening becomes available for the 2020-21 school year, we contact families on the 2020-21 program waitlist (that was created in spring 2020) and do not use the spring 2019 program waitlist.

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