2018-19 Registration

Welcome to Tiny Trees!

You’re Invited to Register For the 2018-19 Class


Step 1: Follow directions below to choose an available location, class, & time.

Step 2: Submit your $50 registration fee and $350 deposit

Please make sure to read the fine print on tuition, fees and deposits at the bottom of the page.

 If you are applying for financial assistance or FREE tuition from the Seattle Preschool Program – Pathways, please get your discount code here. There is no deposit required for SPP-Pathway applicants.

Step 3: After you submit the above, you will be directed to the Health & Safety form.

Step 4: Our admissions coordinator will review your information and confirm your registration by email or direct you to next steps (typically within 24 hrs. during the work week). Please note that SPP-Pathway applicants will also be directed  to complete a full Pathway application through the City of Seattle before registration is  confirmed.

Start and End Dates

Students entering mid-year will be permitted to start class one week after their registration is confirmed.

The regular school year begins September 12th and ends in June.

Additional summer classes may be offered and will be announced in Jan/Feb 2019.

Click here to view the 2018-19 School Calendar

and review our 2018 Family Handbook

Questions? Please contact admissions@tinytrees.org


Children should be at least 3 years old and no older than five years old by August 31, 2018 and have
independent bathrooms skills by the start of the school.

IMPORTANT! This Page is ONLY for 2018-19 school year. 

Once you submit you will be directed to our health and safety form.

The fine print on the registration fee & deposit:

There is a $350 deposit and $50 registration fee required to register. There is no deposit or fee required to apply for the Seattle Preschool Program-Pathway. The deposit will be credited toward your child’s June tuition upon completion of the regular school year (Sep-June). If your child withdraws early, the deposit is forfeit (this includes withdrawing between the time of registration and the start of school). If your child’s June tuition is less than $350/month, your May tuition will also be partially credited.

Students that re-enroll for the 2019-20 school year will have their deposit carried over. In this case, tuition will not be credited for June 2019, rather June 2020.


Tiny Trees tuition is paid monthly. Tuition is non-refundable and not prorated for cancelled classes, illness, vacations, holidays or shortened months. Tuition is due 1 day before the beginning of the month. For example, September tuition is due on August 31.

A $30 late fee will be applied 3 days after the due date, so please pay on time. If tuition is unpaid 5 days after the payment deadline your child will not be able to attend until it is paid.

Payment plans are available for all locations through BridgeCare Finance.

Withdraw Policy:

Families choosing to withdraw early must give 30 days’ notice or be liable to pay the next month’s tuition. (For example, if a family is planning to move in December and have their child’s last day at Tiny Trees be Nov. 30th, notice must be given by Nov. 1st, otherwise the family is still required to pay the invoice for December.