Financial Assistance

A quality preschool education is the best investment you can make in a child’s future.

Here at Tiny Trees we make it an investment you can afford.

If you look at our tuition price and think “I can’t afford that” then you most likely qualify for financial assistance price, which is 40% below market rate.

If you look at our tuition price and think “there is NO WAY I can afford that” then you most likely qualify for FREE tuition from the City of Seattle (Seattle Preschool Program – Pathway) or from Tiny Trees.

Apply for financial assistance by filling out the form below.

Interested in why we chose a two price system (instead of just giving everyone 25% off)?
Read about the need for equity vs. equality in education here.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance, including free tuition, is based on family income. If your family’s combined, gross income is less than 400% of the federal poverty level ($80,360 for a family of 3) then you qualify an award of 30% off of our already low tuition price.

Tiny Trees Regular 5 day Tuition = $695/month (10% below market rate)

Financial assistance tuition = $490/month (40% below market rate)

Seattle Preschool Program – Pathway tuition = FREE

<110% of Poverty = FREE at select locations

Find your family size on the table below to see if you qualify:

 If the combined income for your family size is below 400% then you qualify for financial assistance.

Below 300% (Orange) then you may qualify for free tuition through the Seattle Preschool Program – Pathway. Available only at Jefferson, John C Little, or Carkeek Parks.

Below 110% (Blue) then you may qualify for free tuition at Olympic Sculpture Park, Cougar Mountain, or Big Finn Hill Park.

Seattle Preschool Program – Pathway

If the combined, gross income for your family size is below 300% (must be below, no flexibility) and you live within the Seattle City Limits then you may qualify for the Seattle Preschool Program – Pathway. If space is available this program covers 100% of the cost of tuition.

FREE Tuition from the Seattle Preschool Program is available at:
Jefferson Park
John C Little Park
Carkeek Park

FREE Tuition From Tiny Trees

If the combined, gross income for your family size is below 110% you may qualify for free tuition from Tiny Trees. A limited number of spaces are available at Cougar Mountain Wildland Park, Big Finn Hill Park, and Olympic Sculpture Park.

How to Apply

Please complete the form below.

When you are invited to complete your registration you will be asked to submit a tax return or other proof of income.

Please note: financial aid is limited and is awarded on a first come first serve basis. Seattle Preschool Program Pathways is limited to 24 spaces at Carkeek Park, 8 at Jefferson, and 8 at John C Little.

  • For example: Cougar Mountain, AM
  • Household Size: To establish family size please count all people who meet all of the following criteria: living in the same household as the child; supported by the income of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the child; related to the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) by blood, marriage, or adoption (the child’s parent(s) / guardian(s) are included in this count). Additionally: For SPP Pathways applications DEEL will not count hosts of families temporarily sharing housing with relatives or others. If a child does not live with a parent or legal guardian, the child is considered homeless and a family size of one.
  • Count the following income: Gross wages or salaries, and net income from self-employment, of all adults counted in the family size; cash benefits to adults or children counted in the family size, such as TANF, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Emergency Assistance, Unemployment or Workers Compensation, training stipends, veteran’s benefits, alimony, child support, DSHS foster care grant, pensions, periodic insurance or annuity payments or scholarships/grants for living expenses, minus tuition/fees. Income does not include: Non-cash benefits, such as food stamps, housing vouchers, Medicaid, Medicare, employee fringe benefits.; food or housing received in lieu of wages; assets drawn down, such as cash from sale of an asset or bank withdrawals; one-time gifts, loans, lump-sum inheritances, insurance payments, or compensations for injury.
  • If you are enrolled you will be asked for proof of family income before school begins. This may include a tax return or other documentation that shows your families annual income. If you would like you can upload documentation now.