Classroom tours: Together with our staff and volunteers, you will look into a Tiny Trees classroom. You will have an opportunity to look into a Tiny Trees classroom and experience: This is your opportunity to experience an outdoor classroom, meet our exceptional staff, and learn more about the how, what, & why of a Tiny Trees education. CHILDREN ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND! To accommodate all families, we have a mix of daytime tours and evening information nights (a.k.a. info nights).

Here’s what they look like:

  • How learning takes place in the outdoors;
  • How the classroom environment is set up to encourage children to learn through play and follow their curiosities (including how we integrate math, science, and language learning into the environment);
  • How the unique awesomeness (and natural wonders) of each location is woven into the lessons and daily routine.

In addition to that, you also will gain background knowledge of our teachers, hear their stories and philosophies, and have an opportunity to ask questions. Since outdoor preschool is new for many families, health & safety will be a focus including bathrooms, hand washing, and rain shelters. This tour takes place in winter so you can see how our teachers and families work together to make sure children are prepared to learn in all weather. Please be prepared yourself with warm layers and shoes you can get muddy in. Classroom tour is 30 minutes with an additional 15 minutes of group Q&A. Plan to stay a little longer if you’d like to speak one-on-one with us (Family Services and/or staff).


Saturday, July 20 10am-3pm: Family Field Day at Olympic Sculpture Park

Look for us leading watercolor art with kiddos and families.

Saturday, July 27 10am-3pm: Federal Way Community Day

Look for the Tiny Trees table to chat about enrollment opportunities at all of our locations but especially Five Mile Lake Park!

Saturday, July 27 12pm-4pm: Othello Block Party

Look for Tiny Trees booth to chat about our project Decolonizing the Outdoors, Community Hikes, and enrollment at all locations.

Questions: or (206) 701 0245 x 1.


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