Tiny Trees has been building and strengthening the relationships we have with the communities we work in, as well as with community-based organizations. To have truly equitable, engaging outdoor education programs we must have the input as well as the interest of the communities those programs serve. 

In the past Tiny Trees did not engage as meaningfully as it should have with the communities we work with, including those around our classroom sites. We are working to change this by connecting with individuals, families, and communities to build respectful relationships. 

We are engaging in this work by first listening to our community partners, both individuals and organizations, to learn about their needs and desires. This information informs next steps so we can collaboratively consider how Tiny Trees might best offer support and resources. 


Tiny Trees is dedicating time and energy to building community partnerships with other organizations in King County working in education, equity, and community building and support. We often work with these partners by co-creating programs designed to engage specific communities. We also collaborate with our partners in other ways, including offering professional development opportunities, contributing resources like curriculum and outdoor gear, and sharing information and ideas.

Some of our community partners include:

We are always looking to develop new partnerships. Please let us know ( if your organization or group is interested in collaborating with Tiny Trees! 


In addition to partnering with established community organizations, Tiny Trees is working to build strong ties directly with community members and families. We are looking to engage in this work in a variety of ways, including attending neighborhood association meetings, asking our families, planning community listening sessions, and organizing supportive cohorts of Tiny Trees families. Please visit our Community Events page to see what we’re up to!