Jefferson Park

A partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation & wildflowers preschool

Located on the crest of Beacon Hill, with magnificent views of the Seattle skyline, the Olympic mountains, and Puget Sound, Jefferson Park is rich in opportunities for exploration, learning, and wonder. Daily your little adventurer will go on expeditions to all areas of the park – visiting fields for world class kite flying, climbing trees in a nearby pine grove, and exploring the muddy awesomeness of the local wetlands and rain gardens. With teachers passionate about farming & nutrition, your child will also spend several days per week in the Beacon Food Forest. They will help to garden, harvest herbs for tea, and soak in the vast learning opportunities of this deliciously edible space.

Our majestic classroom is tucked away in a grove of cedar trees. It centers around a magical big leaf maple tree that is perfect for climbing, exploring with magnifying glasses, or inspiring story-writing & dramatic play. The classroom is designed to promote social and emotional development. Children create their own games together, solve real-life problems in collaboration, and develop a real world sensory and emotional vocabulary.

Each day, your child will have self-directed work time that builds on their interests and imagination. They may create dragon’s nests out of mulch pits, read stories with an attentive teacher, or build a car out of sticks to drive to California. Teachers work closely with students, intentionally guiding them to next level in their development as they learn, explore, and grow.

Every day also includes teacher time where your child may go on a scavenger hunt for letters engraved in the park’s sidewalk, or create collages with natural materials. This also includes large group hikes, music, or movement activities, and a class meeting. All of the components of the day are inspired, and respond to, your child’s academic, physical, and emotional needs. For more information check out this Seattle Times interview of Jefferson teachers.

Extended Day Child Care at Jefferson PaRK

Wildflowers Preschool partners with Tiny Trees to provide an extended day of care, learning, and fun for your child. 

Wildflowers Preschool is enrolling for Fall 2019!  We are ready for another amazing year at Wildflowers Preschool and delighted to partner with Tiny Trees Preschool once again to create the opportunity for an extended day of care.  At Wildflowers we put children at the center of their learning and as such the curriculum in our preschool program is child-centered, play-based and tailored to the developmental needs of the child.  We aim to keep our group small and provide individualized attention in a loving, supportive environment, giving children room to learn authentically through play and investigation.  We also firmly believe the importance of learning and playing outdoors so outdoor, and nature education is a significant piece of our curriculum and the learning experiences at Wildflowers.   While our curriculum is play-based, we provide a consistent schedule, routines, and expectations in the classroom.  In our small, loving environment, children are given the opportunity to gain not only the pre-academic skills to ready them for school but also the strong social and emotional capacities for success.  Wildflowers preschool runs M-F 12:30-4:30 and enrolls children 3-5 years old, with flexible enrollment options. We are located in the heart of Beacon Hill in beautiful Jefferson Park.  Registration for Fall 2019 is open!

For more information contact Stacey Alfonso at


For financial assistance please visit our financial assistance page.

2019 – 2020 Class Session Day AM/PMTimeTuition
Jefferson Park 5 Day AM
8:30am-12:30pm $890 / monthly
Jefferson Park 2 Day PM
Tuesday & Thursday
1:30pm-4:30pm $399 / monthly


Your child’s outdoor classroom is a 2 minute walk from the parking area and secluded from the main park and other users. A fresh and healthy snack is included in the program & a new nature inspired children’s playground is located near the community center for your use before and after class. The classroom includes a private portable bathroom & hand washing station and easy access to the public picnic shelter in case of inclement weather.

A 5 minute drive from I-5 & I-90, Tiny Trees at Jefferson Park is most accessible for families in the neighborhoods of Beacon Hill, International District, Central District, Columbia City, Mt. Baker, Georgetown, Capitol Hill, First Hill, & Leschi.

For your convenience as an adult this classroom is a 15 minute walk from the Beacon Hill Light Rail station.

A big thank you to all of the Seattle Parks staff & community allies who have made this school possible.

This Tiny Trees Preschool is a partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation.