Tiny Trees offers part-day classes in parks throughout the Puget Sound. Please visit our Locations page to see our 2020-21 programs, for students aged 3-5 years. Tiny Trees Preschool welcomes all children and families. Read our non-discrimination policy here.


Current families receive priority enrollment if they would like to return (before “new student registration” opens). Please visit our Enrollment page for enrollment information.

For the 2022-23 school year: During the fall and winter, Tiny Trees finalizes program planning for the upcoming school year. Once that process is finished, program information is published on our website. Please check back in winter 2022 for details!


To be eligible for the upcoming school year, students should be at least 3 years old by August 31st and have not yet turned 6. All students should be comfortable using a portable potty with minimal teacher assistance prior to the start of class. 

We follow King County Public Health COVID Recommendations for Child Care, outlined in the the “Guidance for Child Care Administrators” (updated 12/30/21) to guide our COVID Responses.  Guidance is updated regularly. Until further notice, we plan to maintain our COVID 2021-22 school year health and safety measures; all students will need to wear a cloth mask or a face shield when in close contact with others/when physical distancing isn’t possible. All students should be potty independent and comfortable using a porta-potty with minimal teacher assistance. 

Unlike indoor programs, children will need to frequently negotiate layers of clothing on their way to and from the bathroom. Therefore, the ability to regulate toileting is an important skill for an outdoor preschooler to develop with the support of our educators and their families. We make accommodations to include children with known or suspected disabilities or developmental delays in our program. However, we do not have diapering facilities on site. Please contact us at to discuss any accommodations needed for your child.

There have been updates to Washington’s School and Childcare Immunization requirements. Children exempted from immunization by their parent or guardian will not be accepted into care unless that exemption is due to an illness protected by the ADA or WLAD or by a completed and signed Certificate of Exemption. The MMR exemption law change went into effect on July 28, 2019. Students who are not vaccinated against MMR will only be accepted at Tiny Trees with a Certificate of Exemption that indicates a medical or religious exemption. Read more about the law on the Washington Department of Health’s Website.


Please submit an enrollment interest form to be placed on the invitation list for future school years. If you are applying for future years you will be contacted before your child is eligible for the fall start date to begin the registration process (the year they turn 3 years old before August 31). You will receive an invitation to register (in the spring) before enrollment is opened to the public.

Submitting an interest form is not equivalent to enrolling your child and does not guarantee availability or placement. We will keep you up-to-date about the pending enrollment process for your child before they are eligible to enroll.


Equip yourself with all the knowledge needed to make the best decision for your family:

  • Tiny Trees loosely follows the Seattle Public Schools academic calendar (September – June) and will close for certain holidays, breaks and staff professional development.
  • Tiny Trees Preschool is a year long commitment. Tuition is calculated annually and split into equal monthly payments. At the time of registration, all families pay a non-refundable registration fee of $50/student and enrollment deposit of $350/student. Families who are enrolled for the school year (until June) will have the deposit available to pay towards their June tuition. Early withdrawal will result in the forfeiture of the enrollment deposit; it is used to bridge the financial gap while Tiny Trees works to enroll another student in our program.
  • The first month’s tuition will be due by the end of August, for a September start.
  • Tiny Trees offers a variety of financial assistance and scholarships. More information about financial assistance, including our partnership with the Seattle Preschool Program, is available on our Enrollment page. The financial assistance application is available every year when enrollment begins (the application link is included in the enrollment form).
  • All children enrolled for the full year will be provided with a high-quality rain suit to use during the school year. Families are responsible for supplying a appropriate shoes/boots, backpack, daily lunch from home (if attending a morning class), water bottle and extra clothes/layers. A detailed packing list and resources for dressing will be sent in advance, along with important health & safety forms that will need to be returned to our admissions team prior to the start of school.