Take Action

Do you want to make a difference?
You can!

Make a gift or volunteer.

Join us at our fourth annual luncheon on Friday, October 26th, 2018!

Help make preschool affordable.
Help thousands of children.
Help Charlie.



We need classroom volunteers who can help with:

  • Assisting a teaching team in the classroom (min. 3 hrs a week – no experience required)
  • Preschool curriculum development
  • Community and Family Organizing

We need board members and advisers who can help with:

  • Fundraising
  • Public Relations and Publicity
  • Advocacy and Public Policy
  • Strategy, finance, HR & good governance

We need ambassadors who can help with:

  • organizing warm clothing drives and teacher appreciation activities
  • recruiting new volunteers and leading volunteer projects
  • deepening corporate connections
  • hosting and attending professional networking events
  • enhancing the classroom experience, and more

We need specialty skills:

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Video & editing
  • Table champions for our annual luncheon

We need folks who will do anything:

  • Help at our annual luncheon with set up, processing donations and cultivating optimism & joy
  • Help build our outdoor classrooms – shovel mulch, move logs, get muddy.

We need awesome corporations who can help:

  • Provide space to host a cocktail party to benefit Tiny Trees
  • Sponsor a table at our luncheon
  • Sponsor a new school in the community

Want to volunteer? Use the form below or contact corbin@tinytrees.org

All classroom volunteers are required to complete this background check.